Friday, September 19, 2008

I love you for your flaws

I may not see your eyes in daylight

But they're better at night

Like the moon over a lake in the summer

I imagine the bushes growing carelessly

And trapping the glow in its liquid cage

Where the shrubs are your eyelashes

Securing pools of imperfect reflections

That match the mystical evening

With the rising sun and distant darkness

Your smile opens wide like an overcast sky attempting to reveal

The red of your tongue as it trickles through your teeth

while your cherry blossom lips guard the sinful white

Protecting your simplicity

Still I think of the afternoons at the park

Where we'd meet for lunch

And your hair would knot, as the wind

Haloed your head

Then I'd tell myself it's not impossible

to appreciate that tangled mess

so I could focus on your flaws

and fall in love.

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