Friday, February 13, 2009

the moon rises quickly over your left shoulder
as twilight blues begin to darken,
and all I can see is the silhouette of your body
leaning on the balcony as I look out the door

the night air wraps around you
as tiny gusts pass through the door like van gogh's brushstrokes
swirling silently, engaging my senses
I imbibe every bit of your being.

let me be your greatest love
the kind that does not wander
but speaks truthfully of all things in your presence.

let me have the passion of a child
the kind that is not blinded by reality
but holds on tightly to the beauty of each moment

let me listen to your heartbeat
the rhythmic thumping contained within you
that seeks a bending ear

beat by beat,
tell me of your quiet desires
and the unanswered questions that plague you

show me your simple smile
that lingers in your complex eyes

and let me be your greatest love
the kind that does not wander.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

The pages of my favorite book
Are stained with coffee
But without those stains
I believe I would feel empty

It reminds me of a time when
We were together
Eating breakfast
On Sunday morning
And while I read silently at the table
You chortled at the hilarity of the comic strips
Which you adoringly called “the funnies”
Just because your grandpa did…

Sifting between the words I was reading
Were thoughts of how I wanted to capture
The ambient noise, at that exact moment,
And keep it with me, forever.

The pages of the paper turning,
The clink of your coffee mug against the wooden table
And your laughter.