Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Do you love me
in a way that only time can tell?
Something like the love of a season...
the routine changes never hurt us
but the blizzards buried me
and the summer rain was only magical for so long.

Standing beneath the sky with my mouth open
trying to catch the snowflakes
trying to hold on
but you begin to choke
swallowing each delicate memory

I used to bathe in the sunlight
shadows that danced across the blacktop
and your smile

Sweet like raspberries
I remember your kiss
but now we're out of season.
these love songs don't make me think of you
but god i wish they would
because lyrics about the stars in the sky
are perfect for a time like this

i can't listen to these love songs
and think about your eyes
but if i could you'd know it
when i breath deeply and sigh

listening to your heart beat
and the stairs creak as you walk into the kitchen
it's moments like these that the love songs forget to mention

sun flare on the power lines
and twenty minutes of silence as i drive
just to come to my senses
and think about all the times
these love songs made me think of you

now how strange it is to think of someone new.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Creeping up beside you, there is a feeling of complexity.

Hello, it’s nice to meet you.

Not quite what you expected.

Do you wish your days were numbered

Like the boring license plates

You watch pass you on the highway

Feeling like things make sense

Because you’re so focused

On where you’re going –

Where you’ve been going the whole time

But this one-way street has been reconstructed

You can turn off anytime

Just look at the Polaroid

Hanging from your visor

Trace the outline of a new route with your finger

Leave the map

Crumpled on your back seat

Where the wind blows the ashes of your half smoked cigarette

And look to the sky as daylight fades

Turn down the radio

So you can listen to the waves

As your heart beats in tune with the pulls of the tide

Stare up at the stars

And breathe deeply.

Pick up the map

And find me.