Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Creeping up beside you, there is a feeling of complexity.

Hello, it’s nice to meet you.

Not quite what you expected.

Do you wish your days were numbered

Like the boring license plates

You watch pass you on the highway

Feeling like things make sense

Because you’re so focused

On where you’re going –

Where you’ve been going the whole time

But this one-way street has been reconstructed

You can turn off anytime

Just look at the Polaroid

Hanging from your visor

Trace the outline of a new route with your finger

Leave the map

Crumpled on your back seat

Where the wind blows the ashes of your half smoked cigarette

And look to the sky as daylight fades

Turn down the radio

So you can listen to the waves

As your heart beats in tune with the pulls of the tide

Stare up at the stars

And breathe deeply.

Pick up the map

And find me.

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